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Optimize production and reduce downtime with a comprehensive MES system

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system offers a complete solution for the management of an industrial plant.

The system provides complete real-time visibility into all production operations, allowing you to quickly identify and resolve problems, improve efficiency and increase productivity.


  • Order management: Creation, planning and monitoring of production orders, with real-time updates on progress .
  • Item management: Management of the bill of materials and control of warehouse stocks; data processing in order to optimize the use of materials.
  • Monitoring of machine downtime and plant downtime: Quick and precise identification of the causes of machine downtime, with data analysis for future prevention.
  • Data Analytics: Generate detailed reports to identify trends and improve production performance.
  • Versatility and configurability: Highly configurable system to adapt to the specific needs of any type of production, ensuring perfect integration with existing systems.


  • Reduce downtime: Quickly identify and resolve issues to reduce unplanned downtime.< /span>
  • Increased productivity: Improving the efficiency of production processes to increase productivity.< /li>
  • Quality improvement: Reduction of errors and defects to improve product quality.< /li>
  • Cost reduction: Reduction of production costs and waste.
  • Better production visibility and control: Complete real-time visibility and more precise control over all production operations .
  • Production Standardization: Creating and maintaining uniform production standards to ensure consistency of quality and reduce variability .

Integration with other systems:

  • REST and SOAP API: Our MES system offers complete and well-documented REST and SOAP APIs, which allow for easy integration with any business system, ERP, CRM or other management software.
  • Border database: The system has a border database that acts as a bridge between the ESM and the others business systems, ensuring real-time synchronization of data and consistency of information.
  • Open connectivity: The open architecture of the MES system allows you to connect with any device or system, regardless of the protocol or by the technology used.


Our advanced MES module is the ideal solution for manufacturing companies looking to optimize their operations and increase profitability.

Contact us today to learn more about how our MES module can help you achieve your goals.