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Plan and optimize your production with a single tool.

The calendar is an interactive and customizable tool that allows you to plan and optimize your production with maximum precision. Thanks to the calendar, you will always have a complete overview of:

Shift management:

  • View and manage the work shifts of all your employees, with the possibility of assigning shifts, monitoring attendance and plan replacements in case of absences.
  • Optimize the allocation of human resources to ensure adequate coverage at all times of the day and maximize productivity.
  • Identify and resolve potential shift scheduling conflicts early, avoiding production disruptions.
Esempio Calendario 2

Order management:

  • View all scheduled orders and their progress, with the ability to monitor production in real time and identify any delays or problems.
  • View the history of previous orders with their durations
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Schedule management

  • Get precise forecastsduration of each order, based on parameters such as production speed, quantity to produce, plant calendar, breaks, maintenance, holidays and other relevant factors.
  • Identify potential bottlenecks and delays in advance, allowing us to take appropriate action preventive measures to optimize the workflow and ensure compliance with deadlines.
  • Plan resourcess and tasks more efficiently by prioritizing orders based on their expected timing and ensuring the availability of the necessary resources at the right time.
  • Improve communication with customers by providing realistic forecasts of delivery times and regular updates on the progress of orders.

System calendar management:

  • Plan and visualize maintenance, cleaning and other scheduled interventions on the system, ensuring that your production does not suffer unexpected interruptions.
  • Define break periods for operators, guaranteeing them the right rest to maintain high levels of efficiency and productivity .
  • Optimise the use of plant resources, avoiding overlaps and ensuring maximum availability for production.< /span>

Personalization and interactivity:

  • The calendar is fully customizable based on your specific needs. You can view the information that interests you most and hide the information you don’t need.
  • You can interactwith the calendar directly by dragging and dropping items to plan tasks and edit schedules with ease.
  • The calendar is integratedwith the rest of the MES system, allowing you to access all the information you need for complete and optimized production planning.