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SCADA functionality


Field bus

IDOM allows communication with the most popular PLC brands thanks to the integration of a large set of protocols for data exchange

Collected from traditional computer systems

In addition to the devices mentioned above, IDOM is able to connect to the following data sources:

  • Database (Oracle, MS sql Server, Mysql, DB2, etc.) via JDBC driver
  • CSV or XLS files, accessible through:
    • FTP
    • SAMBA o CIFS
    • FileSystem
  • Web Service:
    • Web REST Service
    • Web SOAP Service

Custom driver development

The company is available at develop additional drivers upon customer request if the connection with the devices to be monitored is not implemented natively (for example custom control units). IDOM exposes a web service API to allow integration with third-party systems.


A further feature of the maintenance is the possibility of configuring events which, through the integration of the notification and messaging module installed in the application , allow you to automatically send specific messages to all users who will collaborate in maintenance (e.g. send an email to notify the warehouse operators of the request for the supply of spare parts).

Operator HMI replication on web browser

IDOM allows remote control of the operator panel thanks to the connection functionality via VNC: through this feature it is possible to access the operator HMI with a simple web browser.


The IDOM application was created with the possibility of publishing responsive web pages implemented through the Bootstrap and Zkoss 7 frameworks. This makes IDOM interactable even on devices with different display sizes such as smartphones, tablets and workstations.
SCADA provides the possibility of building customized dashboards using a graphic editor in which it is possible to insert and configure a wide range of graphic elements:

  • Static, dynamic and interactive HTML components (label, button, input, …);
  • Widget Canvas Gauges;
  • Data tables;
  • Remote frames;
  • Static or dynamic images with respect to the status of the monitored devices;
  • Re-stream video.


Thanks to the exposure of simple APIs it is possible to integrate IDOM with third-party systems.

Using the exposed methods it is possible to:

  • query the system regarding the data collected

  • interact with PLCs with TAG command / writing functions

  • read a specific TAG in “on demand” mode

  • restore graphics on the home page API section