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IDOM manages machinery maintenance and offers functionality for planning maintenance activities, recording maintenance reports and monitoring the health of machinery.

The calculation engine that manages maintenance allows projections of maintenance events to be carried out in such a way as to allow correct supply of spare parts and efficient scheduling of activities on the system based on the use of the devices that compose it.

The maintenance configuration allows you to carry out projections with the following characteristics:

  • Precise projections: Projections can be calculated in a deterministic manner through the configuration of a wide range of user-selectable criteria that cover the various application possibilities.
  • Flexible projections: Projections are dependent on the paired devices and their use. This feature makes it possible to configure flexible maintenance that adapts based on the use of the devices involved in the intervention, resulting in the possibility of intervening more frequently if the usage rate is high.
  • Independent projections: it is possible to configure for each monitored device independent maintenance sheets aimed at identifying the necessary instrumentation, the necessary spare parts, the personnel responsible for the required activities and a collection of contents multimedia or static support (videos, manuals, technical data sheets, …)
  • History of maintenance events: the system allows you to manage the history of maintenance events by offering the possibility of noting operators, materials, notes, attachments (photos)
  • Management of maintenance sheets: for each managed machine it is possible to upload the maintenance sheets to the platform accompanied by any schematics , drawings, checklists to facilitate the maintenance technician’s intervention